Johnathan Martinez delivers artwork with the express goal of enticing the audience to form an emotional connection to his work while reinforcing the ideals of family, love, friendship and the joy of living life. He is dedicated to promoting these values and strengthening his community by providing support to local community programs via donations of sales proceeds.

Considering his paintings a celebration of color, Johnathan focuses his themes around family and love. His representational works possess a primitive quality yet are quite contemporary. His pieces are painted without faces in order to allow the audience to project themselves into the painting and reminisce of a tender moment with one or more of their loved ones.

Johnathan’s ultimate desire is to brighten people’s lives by producing an emotional connection with his work. Generally showcasing his artwork locally, Johnathan has garnered quite a positive response even when selling in venues outside of his town of Ramona. Bold painting strokes and vibrant colors are Johnathan’s hallmark and his painting style really stands out in a crowd.

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